Advising early-stage Technology, digital health, medical device Startups and growth stage companies.

Supporting Growth stage companies through capital formation

Our VC, PE funds, family office seeks direct investment opportunities in seed and early-stage and growth stage technology, digital health and medical tech-driven companies. These direct investment opportunities need to address the following elements:


1) Address a significant (and growing) market,
2) Have a team in place with experience in the sector,

3) Have some means of protecting their technological edge via patents or trade secrets,

4) Have a working prototype, and

5) Ideally will be generating some revenue from early adopters.


We are pre-money valuation sensitive and watch market dynamics closely.  We are sector agnostic but prefer capital efficient sectors where early stage capital is rewarded.


Cubiczan often has mandates from family offices, PE and VC funds. We make several new fund recommendations per year, and frequently re-up with existing fund managers. We field about a dozen introductions to funds per month, and often get enquiries for opportunities in specific areas of investment


We help package your investment pitch and provide introductory services to the right set of investors who have a strong interest in your business. We work with Family Offices, HNWI and licensed Financial intermediaries and funds. We help with finetuning your business model, branding and messaging as well with strong access to investor networks


We are a global group of professionals and uber-networkers who bring deals to family offices and HNWIs. We are the matchmakers of corporate deals. Our domain expertise and knowledge of who is the right fit for which companies save a lot of time and efforts for busy entrepreneurs frustrated by fundraising.With an international pool of connections, Cubiczan is able to connect you and your startup with resources. Whether it’s your next hire, client, or mentor, our network taps into a broad range of experts and advisors.


Building a tech startup is a hard business. It is especially difficult early-on, and for first-time tech entrepreneurs.  It can be hard to take an honest look at where you are and how well you are doing. Having an experienced investor is most valuable when you need unbiased guidance during tough times


With over two decades of experience in operating roles and investment experience primarily with startups, we’ve seen a lot of what works and what does not. We can help your startup avoid common mistakes and capitalize on opportunities that may not have been immediately obvious


Digital Health
AI and deep tech
Medical Technology

Skype: sdesigan
Telegram: @cubiczan
Cell: 1-857-256-1695